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Vua Càn Long


English Title: Take Care, Your Highness

Prince Po (Andy Lau) smart talent, so that Yongzheng (Liu Zhaoming) is very worried and do not know whether his son to inherit  the growth of the Qing Dynasty. Bao Yong Zheng for the future of Wales to pave the way for accession to the throne, designed to break up if he and Sun (Carina Lau), and letters to Princess Margaret Fu, so that they become brother and sister, and then to Po satisfied Princess of Wales. Prince Po and well as the destruction of a good thing though, is still secretly between the two. Not long after the assassination of Emperor Yongzheng death, Bao Ji-Prince, for the Emperor Qianlong. Qianlong do not understand governance, coupled with frequent rebel Miao Jiang, Gu was not all, Yongzheng and then released for the failure of 14-bit Huang (Qin Pei). Huang re-charge of important posts to handle the state affairs in perfect order, can not help but ambitious, then spread rumors all over, quoted Qian Long life to trace left, wait-away ……

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TVB. MPG. 20Tập. US Lồng Tiếng.

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19. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QHF0206M
20. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4IF1RKXY

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    lam cach nao de vao xem phim

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